International Freight Shipping

Picture of a port where our International Freight Shipping services in Miami take placeAre you in need of international freight shipping services? Look no further than CA CARGO INC! We ship to and from the US, South America, and Europe on frequent short routes and transcontinental routes. To ensure that your shipping deadline is going to be made, we ship to most transcontinental destinations at least once a week. In terms of availability, we offer ample storage capacity and several types of containers, such as dry, temperature-controlled and refrigerated storage, that adapt to different types of goods. CA CARGO INC specializes in door-to-door or port-to-port international freight shipping that fulfill your requirements for reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Over 14 years of experience have earned us a place in the competitive field of international freight shipping. CA CARGO INC works with all the necessary shipping stages and processes, such as tracking, import and export, warehousing, screening, repackaging, and customs clearance. International freight shipping (for high volumes of cargo) or parcel shipping (for smaller items), are available.

Best International Freight Shipping in the US

Our clients know they can trust our international freight shipping services, which is why they place their valuable cargo in our hands. Our strict compliance with global regulations and standards has established us among the best international freight shipping in the USA. Our specialists deal with all our processes to keep all customs paperwork and security requirements up to date.

We can surely deliver any item you need, from vehicles to fragile items, with our excellent international freight shipping. Providing our clients with a comfortable service is our priority, so regardless of distance, we offer door-to-door or port-to-port international freight shipping. Delivering your cargo in perfect condition is our goal, so we maintain the highest standards in international freight shipping. If you're ready for a detailed quote on our international freight shipping services, call (786) 360-4291 for an assessment. Our experts will gladly assist you in every stage of the process.