International Cargo Services

Picture of the different options we can provide for our International Cargo Services in MiamiAre you looking for safe, reliable and cost-effective international cargo services to ship your goods to a wide variety of destinations in and outside of the US? Then CA CARGO INC is the international cargo services company for you. We can provide you with the all the international cargo services options you need to get your shipment to your destination within your ideal time frame and budget.

Whether you are considering air or sea, our international cargo services have got you covered. We take care of all international logistics, including clearance of goods, warehousing, shipping, distribution, repacking and more to ensure that your freight is delivered without complications and within all your specifications.

Reliable International Cargo Services in the US

We know how important it is for our clients to find an international cargo services company that can deliver shipments outside of the US within specific time frames and requirements for a fair price. That's why CA CARGO INC offers various options for international cargo services, from door-to-door or port-to-port services, air freight, sea freight, numerous container options and more. All these different options will ensure that you can find the international cargo services to best fulfill your shipping needs within your budget.

Here at CA CARGO INC, we have over 14 years handling international cargo services, shipping to and from the US, South America and Europe, always making sure to provide a wide array of cost-effective and timely solutions for all your needs concerning international cargo services. With CA CARGO INC, your cargo will remain in perfect condition from its departure until it arrives at its destination thanks to our high-standard international cargo services.

Ship all your freights fast and safely with our comprehensive international cargo services. For more information or inquiries on our international cargo services and other types of shipping methods available, call (786) 360-4291.