Cargo Services

Picture of our Cargo Service in Miami agent delivering safely and responsiblyAre you in need of cargo services for your freight shipping requirements? With CA CARGO INC, you will have your freight shipped promptly, safely, and within legal global customs and security specifications. You can trust our professionalism and experience of over 14 years in the field of cargo services; our experts will handle all stages related to freight shipping. Your goods leave our warehouse or your premises in perfect condition and reach their destination exactly the same thanks to our standardized handling and packaging procedures. Whether you need door-to-door or port-to-port shipping, with us you will find a solution to fit your cargo service demands.

CA CARGO INC handles cargo services for all types of goods, for clients who need specialized container shipping. For instance, we have a range of containers for different types of freight, such as dry storage, refrigerated, temperature-controlled, insulated, open track, and flat rack. The cargo services we provide include tracking, import and export, warehousing, screening, repackaging, and customs clearance.

Fastest Cargo Services in USA

We value efficiency; our main goal is to offer the fastest cargo services in the USA. To fulfill even the most pressing deadline, you can rely on our expedited shipping. Rest assured, our cargo services will deliver door-to-door or port-to-port on the earliest date of your choice. In addition, our frequent departures to a wide variety of destinations and our ample storage capacity guarantee that your shipping destination is on the list and container space is always available, which makes us a national leader in cargo services.

For these reasons and more, we are your choice for cargo services. Our team will gladly help you through all the stages of cargo shipping, always having your satisfaction in mind. You can contact us calling (786) 360-4291 if you have inquiries about cargo services, or need a detailed quote.