About Us

Our international agents are dedicated to sea and air freight, as well as comprehensive logistics solutions, such as customs, storage, and transport. With over 14 years of experience, we now provide door-to-door services to and from the US, South America, and Europe.

At CA Cargo Inc., our logistics services include customs clearance, storage, handling, transportation, and distribution. We deliver, handle, and store goods internationally, providing cost-effective logistics and supply chain solutions that guarantee safe transportation and efficient customs clearance. We handle delivery of all types of merchandise, including (but not limited to) vehicles, farm supplies, fragile marble slabs, and heat-sensitive medical supplies.

If you have any questions about our freight solutions, or you would like to further discuss your needs, contact one of our cargo specialists at (786) 360-4291.

CA Cargo Inc. is proud to be an official partner of Almacenadora Global C.A. (Venezuela), Agecom C.A. (Venezuela), Fermac Cargo (Brasil).