Guayaquil (officially Santiago de Guayaquil) Guayaquil is considered an important trading center that plays a huge role on the region's commerce, politics, culture and entertainment. If you are thinking about choosing a freight shipping company from which to receive a package in Guayaquil, Ecuador, CA CARGO INC is the best choice for you! Why? Because we not only ensure your cargo's safety, but also offer logistic services, so you won't have to worry about dealing with all the customs or import paperwork needed to get your goods into Ecuador.

Quito (officially San Francisco de Quito)Are you in Quito and need a freight shipping company to send or receive a package? CA CARGO INC can help you with this and so much more! Because, besides from keeping your package safe until it arrives to Quito, CA CARGO INC gives you the possibility to forget about all the paperwork you require to import or export good from/to Ecuador, as we handle it for you!