The port of Buenaventura The port of Buenaventura is Colombia's most important and one of the 10th most popular ports in Latin-America, as well as being an option where CA CARGO INC can deliver your cargo. Besides delivering any type of packages, such as rubbers, vehicles or purchases goods, our company offers the logistic services you need to import them to Colombia.

The port of Cartagena, located in the Bolivar Province, the port of Cartagena is one Colombia's main ports. CA CARGO INC can carry your cargo such as rubbers, vehicles, purchased goods and all you can imagine to this port near your city. Not only that, we also offer logistic services, so you won't have to worry about the tedious customs and importation paperwork required to get your goods into Brazil.

Medellín If you're located in Medellin, Colombia, and need to send or receive any type of cargo, your first option is this city's port. CA CARGO INC not only offers you shipping service, but also logistic services, meaning you won't have to worry about going through the tedious customs and import / export paperwork required transport goods in and out of Brazil.

Bogota If you're thinking of choosing a freight shipping company to receive a package in Bogota, Colombia, CA CARGO INC is the best choice for you! Not only do we ensure the package's safety, but also offer logistic services so you won't have to deal with the endless customs and importation paperwork required get your goods into the country.