Port of Buenos Aires Committed to our job as a sea and air freight shipping company, as well as offering the logistic, customs and documentation solutions you need to import and export your cargo our services give you the possibility to get your important cargo to the port of Buenos Aires, which is considered as the main container port in Argentina. As approximately 90 % of all the country's containers move through this port, at CA CARGO INC we will take care of your cargo and assure it arrives safely to its destination.

Port of Cordoba Our international agents work hard to deliver your shipment safely, helping it through customs and reach the port of your nearest city. In this case, our services can deliver your cargo to the port of Cordoba, located in the capital of the province of Cordoba, Argentina. CA CARGO INC can carry your packages, tires, vehicles, purchases and everything you can imagine to this port.

Port of Rosario In case you didn't know, the port of Rosario is a river port that has access to the Atlantic Ocean and one of the main export shipping centers in Argentina. At CA CARGO INC, we deliver any type of cargo you need to ship to the port nearest to your city (in Argentina), ensuring its safety and proper documentation for import.

Port of Mendoza If you wish to ship any type of cargo near the "Gran Mendoza", CA CARGO INC is your best choice! We have more than 14 years of experience in freight shipping and logistic services, this means we can take care of all the documentation required to import your goods to Argentina. Freight shipping has never been so easy as it is with CA CARGO INC as your partner!